Estate Planning

Tailored Solutions for Generational Protection

Proper estate planning helps ensure the current and future financial wellbeing for you and your family along with eliminating unnecessary taxes and expenses. Our professional team is committed to coming up with creative solutions that are based on a hybrid of decades of experience and the most advantageous modern strategies that maximize the benefits for our clients and their families across the entire estate planning spectrum. We will work alongside you and any advisors you may have such as attorneys or accountants in determining your long-term personal financial goals and we’ll create a tailored plan accordingly. We will also work with you in structuring your estate assets with the goal of minimizing tax liabilities and maximizing value to future generations.


These processes will be in conjunction with any existing insurance contracts you have and if there are beneficial alternatives that should be explored, we will create detailed illustrations showing why. Following implementation, we’ll periodically review this plan to assess its progress and make sure it is fulfilling your long-term goals. Ultimately, our goal is to assure that you and your family’s estate has the best possible structure in place to reduce your tax liabilities and the most effective means to help finance any tax liabilities that may remain in the future.

Charitable Ways

Our estate planning experience originated in 2001 with a focus on curating ways for high net-worth families to finance life insurance policies and directing a portion of the profits to a charity of their choice and the remainder to the family estate, tax free.

We have now innovated a wide variety of strategies that combine charitable contributions that you and your family are passionate about with tools to limit tax liabilities. These charities often include family foundations that are managed by family members, which enable the family to retain control over the gifted assets and access to income generated by these assets.


Trusts serve a variety of purposes ranging from holding, managing, and distributing property to a tool created to avoid probate or save on taxes. A trust often makes sound financial sense as it can help ease the burden of managing your assets (including your investment portfolio), even after disability or death. The flexibility of trust provisions allows you to specify the care of your children in the way you intended and not the way someone else does.

Have our team of trust experts speak with you so we can understand and tailor a specific plan that will benefit your estate in the way you intend.  

Living Wills & Wills

A Living Will is used to specify the degree of medical treatment that you would want should you become terminally ill or permanently unconscious while a Will is a legal document that specifies who will inherit your property when you die. Never a comfortable topic to discuss but an important one that helps ease the burden on your loved ones who might otherwise have to make serious decisions for you and generally helps settle estates faster at a far lesser expense.

Our team along with our legal partners can help structure Living Wills and Wills in combination with trusts which will limit the tax liability of your estate and enable you to transfer property and investments to your heirs proficiently.